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Why are coloring pages good for you and your kids

Accordingly to Dr Nancy Frasurs studies, it is proven that the every day stress and depression are strongly connected to heart problems.
Generally, these problems are part of our every day, we can see its impacts in our every days at our work.

,As a result, it has negative impact on our work performance.
In summary, almost every person in this world is suffering from these problems.

Only a few of us are doing something against it to make our every days better.
Particularly, anxiety and depression should be treated and the stress must be deducted.

We must deduct them because we don’t want our spiritual problems to get in to our physical problems and finally cause illness.
For instance, a tension-relieving method has become very popular, which also helps adults with depressive anxiety and stress. This is called therapeutic coloring.


The origin of coloring pages for adults comes from psychologist Carl Jung, who recommended coloring for our oncognitive approach to the subconscious.
This method is still commonly used in psychology because it has many positive effects on mental health.
The fact that the biggest advantage of coloring is that it diverts attention from problems and bad habits and directs it in a calm, safe, and productive direction.
Therefore, it is also an excellent method for those who suffer from obesity, eating disorders and anguish problems.
Coloring soothes the part of the brain (the amygdala) that stores and processes emotional reactions.
This is where the fight or escape answers for almost every situation are born.
During coloring, concentration and serenity soothe the amygdala and thus relax it.

In addition, the coloring can fill you up with happiness and joy.

It can bring you back to a carefree childhood for a while, turning off current stressful thoughts.
It is true that a person is focused and concentrates while coloring, which is not loading his brain, as the adult automatically performs this activity – to stay within the not overloaded line.
Among other things, it simultaneously has positive effect on organizational skills and problem-solving skills.
To summarize, coloring the detailed drawings activates brain functions.
When we fill the white sheet with colors, we also work on our problem-solving ability and motor functions at the same time.
Color therapy is also meditation, as we replace negative thoughts with positive, pleasant thoughts.
In short, with coloring we are doing something good  our own health.
Generally when people are depressed, full of stress, they often get unhelpful help, such as drinking alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy foods and high-sugar consumption.

However, although they can calm the bad mood at the moment, they have a devastating effect in the long run.
In contrast, coloring is a soothing, creative long-term stress-relieving therapy.

Lastly, colors are known to have good effect on the brain.

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