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Why is our iner-child disappearing

Art therapy

From the day we come to this world, our parents are trying to teach us everything from walking, drawing, speaking, being polite and many more…

When we are young, we don’t know that our parents are doing everything in their power to make our childhood the best period of our lives. A period without problems.

Our task in that period is to be willing to learn, to be a good pupil.
Our whole life is about learning.

All the things we learn as kids, drawing, singing, making all sorts of stuff out of everything and nothing, folding paper, building castles in the sand, making a snowman,…
All those things are creativity and we don’t know that when we are young.

Our imagination is our best friend. Some kids even have imaginary friends. Imagination can take you anytime, anywhere.
Exactly that imagination is responsible for all those childhood games, for the creativity.

Let me ask you a simple question.

Are you having problems thinking up what to give to someone for his birthday or Christmas gift?

The answer is really simple. We have grown up and neglected our imagination and creativity.

We all started dreaming about our goals, unattainable and material things, and stopped thinking and dreaming about everyday things that aresurrounding us.

It is hard for us to think up something original, something we can give to our loved ones, a gift. It is easier to open the internet browser and take a look around what others are giving to their friends and family for their birthday, isn’t it?!

We are searching, and searching, all those presents, all those ideas someone

else thought up. But somehow, we are not finding the ideal present. None of the offers suits us. Nothing is exactly that we are looking for.
May I ask, what are you looking for, do you know?

You don’t know,you are just looking for something.Right?

And do you know why is this happening?

That is exactly the point,everyone is different,everyone is unique.

Our imagination and creativity are different.All of us is imagine other things,something else.

Remember when we were kids, everyone had his own ideas. We were playing with our toys in a unique way, thinking up a a script and our own story flow, without even being aware of that. That is it, that is our creativity and imagination that we are lacking when we grow up.

Everyday stress, problems, and situations are forcing us to grow up and suffocate the child in us.

Do you remember how nice it was growing up in a carefree childhood?

Did you color coloring books as a kid?

Coloring is a good way to develop motoric functions, imagination and your creativity.

We can easily awaken that child in us with all sorts of coloring pages for adults. With that, we will encourage our imagination and creativity to awaken, reduce stress and take our mind off the problems. In conclusion, coloring is a great example of what art therapy is and how it helps to keep our mental health.

If we turn on our creativity, it will be much easier for us to think up a perfect gift for our loved ones, something unique, something creative that we can give to someone.

What is the conclusion from what was written?

It is better to turn off our TV and social media, which makes us tense. To sum up,we are tense because we are getting bombed with all sorts of negative news from these sources.

Instead of the mentioned, it is better to buy a coloring book. If you can’t afford to buy, you can download many of the free printable coloring pages from the internet, print them out and color them.
Do you prefer using a smartphone? You can even find many coloring book applications that can make you relax.

When you color,you will be much calmer,relaxed,relieved and you will unconsciously work on your creativity.

Therefore,we need to keep our mental health intact.

Most importantly,that is the key to a strong immune system and as a result we will have a happy life.

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Author: davis